Perhaps the most frequent and important question homeowners ask is "Exactly what is my home worth?"

It is likely that your home is one of the most valuable possessions assets you have. With this in mind, we wish to thank you for placing your trust in me to help you with this process. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please contact me with any questions you may have, should they arise now or anytime down the road.

There are a few ways to determine the value of your home.
1) Get an appraisal
An appraisal is a licensed Appraisers professional study of a property's market value, based on recent closed sales of similar properties, comparing location, square footage and construction, quality & condition. An appraisal costs the homeowner on average about $350- $450.

2) Have a Realtor provide you with a CMA
A comparative market analysis or "CMA" is a projection of a homes market value performed by a Realtor based on several things in addition closed sales, they will factor in the following:
               -Similar properties now for sale at the time as your competition.
               -Similar homes that failed to sell.
               -Seasonal and economic conditions of the current real estate market.
               -Condition of the home and improvements to the home.
A CMA is a more accurate valuation estimate vs. an appraisal. Producing an accurate CMA is much more involved then an appraisal-most Realtors will however provide this service at no cost to prospective new clients.

Accuracy is key in providing a CMA
-This is where an experienced agent is invaluable. to produce a good CMA, The Agent should be known for working extensively in your area, Knowing which comps to select and assessing the attributes of the comps, they will produce a truly accurate analysis of the value of your home.

Our concept is simple
-If we provide a CMA for your home, this is our testament of what we feel we can sell your home for if you list your home with us. -We know that you will expect us to perform!

Proceed cautiously when comparing multiple cma results.
-Some agents will produce an aggressively high CMA value in hopes of getting your business then go back and ask you to reduce your asking price as the home has not sold. -The Agent may not be experienced with the area and suggest you list you home below the actual market price. We suggest you check their track record. Talk to their past clients and ask them if the agent delivered what they expected.
When considering us for the job- we invite you to contact our current clients for this, in fact we even supply you with their phone numbers.

Our first goal is to help you establish a market price that represents top market value, without going so high that it does not sell at all. This can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding the market. To help you in this regard, you will find a detailed market analysis attached. It has been diligently prepared to insure that you feel comfortable and confident that this price is accurate.
Additionally, should you decide to sell your home, please consider us for the job. I am confident that you will be represented by an agent and organization that are determined to assure that this entire process goes as smoothly and positively as possible.

Our track record is impressive-our results reinforce our commitment to producing an accurate analysis.
Why choose us for this- Plain and Simple…We work hard to get you results!


To request a CMA of your home or a copy of our complete marketing plan, call us at 952-945-3135 or email us at

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